Celebrating we engage; together we support

¡Un espacio de expresión 100% latino!

¡Que tal aprender a hacer piñatas, calaveritas o conocer los secretos culinarios de la cocina latina! En Laca nos encanta compartir nuestra herencia latina y es por ello que hemos creado este programa de talleres


Celebrating we engage; together we support

As an organization we want Latin Americans to feel proud of their background sharing it with the wider community. Celebrating together our heritage is a way of bringing people together while building and developing a sense of community. By becoming a functional community we will develop a better understanding of each other so that we can support each other and harness social connectedness. We can become more resilient and we can positively impact our own circumstances and future.

¿Te gustaría ser parte de este proyecto como tutor de algun taller?

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